Tattoo experiment

Some years back, I discovered that I wanted to get a tattoo. The kind on this image. Right on my biceps. I remember getting excited at the idea of it.

My mom has a tattoo of her name on her arms. My aunt has one on her face - around her chin. Tattoos are actually a very traditional thing in Ethiopia. Here are some of the pics showing the traditional use. 

I could never get myself to get it. I am too afraid of needles and pain to go through any of that. But I love the visuals of it - especially on biceps. So when a group of us went to Myrtle beach some years back, I got the perfect opportunity. There was a shop giving fake tattoos. It was something like a marker that would last for a few weeks and wash off. Designed for people that want to temporarily experience the tattoo feel minus the pain and long term regret. I was giddy. 

After I got the perfect design I wanted, I would only wear tank tops. To maximize the exposure of the experiment. I LOVED every minute of it. 

One - no one that really knows me expects me to get a tattoo - for whatever reason. So the look on their face when I showed it off - was priceless. 

Two - The look on stranger's face was interesting.  When I boarded the plane to return back from the beach, I was looking at people watching my tattoo. People have a certain stereotype about people with tattoos. It was my first time experiencing that look from strangers and observing it from the other end. 

Three - I loved seeing the tattoo myself and made me want to work more aggressively on my biceps. 

It was a nice fun experiment I would like to repeat soon. 
This post may inspire me to write a treatise on why I am against tattoos in almost all cases. 
2021-07-29 19:45:58
That’s a nice choice of tattoo Keni
2021-07-29 20:08:11
I feel that in the U.S 
 are so accepted now that they don't cause people to look at inkd people that much differently. Unless it's a face tat
2021-07-30 12:58:01
I look at people who choose to get tattoos differently, after all, they want the attention. Wow, I can't wait for that treatise!
2021-07-30 13:25:19