He sat tapping his pencil.

As he watched the rain slide down the gray window, he noticed how warm and cozy it was in his little office. His desk was clean except for some concept sketches on single sheets of letter-sized, graph paper. He sat tapping his pencil hoping she'd call or text. It wasn't like her to go six months with no contact. It wasn't like him to be so patient. 

On a crowded beach in Recife, Brazil, Juliana mixed in with the locals under an umbrella only a stone's throw from the water. In a bikini cut not quite as small as possible, she didn't attract extra attention, but any male walking by seemed to cast a glance. These few weeks on the beach darkened her skin like it did when she spent summers on the beach as a kid. She didn't park on the beach all day. Her morning appearance served to keep track of the fisherman returning from their morning catch. It seemed she was onto something, though she probably should check in. 

You know how it is when you want to impress somebody. You delay the conversation just a little longer because you have nothing worth reporting. You skip a day, which slips into a week. Pretty soon, you've lost the rhythm and since you've gone this long, another week or two won't keep you from apologizing for being distant. 

Joe opened a browser to send an encrypted email. He slid the pencil behind his ear, straightened his papers and started typing. She's not making contact, he thought, but I'll let her know I'm still available.
I actually really liked this too. Good setting and feels realistic in a good way. Would you be interested in writing either this or something else in a long form way.

If you do I'd like to help you begin a project. That way you'll have the long piece of work connected in chronological order and also even be able to workshop the project in a tribe later if you choose. 

Here are two examples of projects right now:



Lol just realized not being able to link in comments is annoying. 
2021-01-09 18:43:24
Hmm, femme fatale assassin hangin' on the beach between assignments? Journalist laying low while working on a big story? Seems to be going somewhere cool.
2021-01-09 23:05:32
PS: Please do tell us more about the bikini. What color is it? Does it outline her curvaceous buttocks like molten chocolate dripping off a strawberry? Does it cup her breasts tightly yet delight the eyes? An ode to Juliana's bikini would be nice indeed. We might learn so much about her character.
2021-01-09 23:11:42