I am getting excited about August. I realized that today. 

There seems to be some form of routine in my life now. Some level of predictability. I find that I am able to make plans and execute them without there being an unexpected interruption. It has been a few weeks since I feel control coming back to me. The number 1 contributor being that I am in better health. 

I have taken to heart a lot of the lessons from Scott Adam's book... particularly to focus on energy. Going back to WeWork, focus on sleep and health have all helped increase my energy - which in turn has allowed me to be better towards other areas of my life. 

After health and sleep, my focus is on relationships - family and friends. That has been pretty good for some time now. COVID actually helped in that regard. I got to spend more time with people I care about the most. Now I am also getting to see my friends in person and catching up for the year. 

My exposure to energy draining people and events is severely limited. When I try to think about the last time I felt stressed, I draw a blank. I am VERY happy about that. 

What I am doing lately is trying to create a document of what it is that is working for me. Be it sleep, energy, writing, relationships, finance - I want to write down what works and revisit when I need to. Or even improve upon it if need be. 

It was early this morning that a phrase just came to me and I took a few seconds to let it sink in. 

"I am happy."
Thank you Brandon. :) 
2021-07-28 16:52:31