I know a guy

I am very intrigued by people that have a large network. Not just because of people they know but people they invested time and energy to build relationships with. People they know to be there when it matters. And that can be counted on. 

I saw a show yesterday where a group of people were in some type of trouble. They needed to find someone who would be able to do something very specialized. And one of them said - "I know a guy". 

That got me thinking. How many people do I know that I could say that about? How many people could say that about me?

I don't have trouble meeting people or building relationships. But the time investment in keeping relationships strong is hard for me. Since I don't like to do things like meetups in more than groups of two, there is a large amount of time needed to keep relationships going. 

In the end, life is about relationships. I am aware of that. And I am a fan of being on the other end of - "I know this guy/girl". But I have to work on building relationships consistently enough to be happy with that area of my life. I do not want that to be a regret I have in old age. 
Been thinking about this a lot this week. I'm in the process of accepting a job offer and that offer came because 'i knew a guy'. 

In the process of securing a beautiful lease in my neighborhood that was only possible because ' I knew a gal'.

Hopefully both deals go through! Even if they don't... things will be fine... because I'll know another guy/gal :) 
2021-07-29 13:57:53
You were exactly the person I thought of when I wrote this post. You got this skill down. Don't ever lose it. 

Congrats!! Happy to hear about your job offer and the lease! Write some posts about them. Would love to know more. 
2021-07-29 16:51:08
Ha well aren't you ever going to write concrete posts about what you've been working on at 
 ??? If you do then I'll share. It'll be a fair trade, that sound like a good deal?
2021-07-30 12:27:22
Soon Sir Abe... soon.
2021-08-01 20:15:02
Lol any chance you can provide a time estimete? like within 1 month? Or within 3 months? Within a week?

Or if not a time estimate, then a reason you are waiting to share with us?? Another reason than waiting for 25 million in the bank!
2021-08-03 00:24:04
:) You are hilarious Sir Abe.

I will share exactly on Oct 3rd 2021. In exactly 2 months. Maybe sooner but not later than that. 
2021-08-03 01:23:04
Keni would you please please pleazzzze share what is happening on october 2 that made you choose this date? Lol I'm mainly not sharing things about my writing gig just because i want to use it as leverage to get you to share more of your things sooner.

 help me convince Keni!
2021-08-07 11:10:16
I rather enjoy Keni's buildup of mystery. 
 I detect some pretending about your new gig, so I have lost interest.
2021-08-07 12:48:26
Lol tell me what you mean by pretending? Because I thought you used that as a term. In this case do you mean literal pretending? If so how would I pretend about it? Am I pretending to like it when actually I don't? Am I pretending to have a gig but actually am just sitting at home not gigging?
2021-08-07 12:50:37
There is some level of pretending going on. I won't be able to ascertain exactly what it is until you tell us about it, but remember I lost interest.
2021-08-07 14:30:11
Sweet lord .... these comments have nothing to do with 'I know a guy'!

Sir Abe - I selected a 2 month mark from the time I set something into motion. By Oct 3, I am going to evaluate what I did and the progress made. I intend to share the details of all of it at that point - both to the writing family and my in-person family. 

I am not trying to build a mystery. It is just some goals I have set for myself and that are more extreme than ever before. So I will share the details of it in less than two month. 
2021-08-08 00:16:32
haha wow you are right Keni. Sorry about that.

And thank you for sharing your rationale for why you'd like to wait until that time mark. Looking forward to the stories!!
2021-08-08 22:52:27