The Last Dance

We did some holiday viewing last night. My 'I am not that into sport' wife suggested we watch the 'The Last Dance' on Netflix. Those who don't know, the 'The Last Dance' is a Netflix series that revolves around basketballer Michael Jordan and his last season at the Chicago Bulls.

Now, I was a little surprised that my wife suggested this show. Not only is she less interested in sport than anyone else I know, but, we can never agree on anything to watch together. So I was quite surprised when this suggested was made, and we settled in with the girls for an evening of viewing.

Why is it that when we have an unlimited choice of shows and movies to watch and never find something to watch together? It is because they have too much choice. Why suffer through someone else's choice of show, when you can easily disappear into another room, and watch the show of your choice.  

The nice things we all enjoyed the 'The Last Dance'. We agreed that it was less about the sport and more about the characters and the history that kept us interested. We are only two episodes in, so let's see if we can see it out as a family for the remaining six.
I am biased because the Jordan era was my sweet spot of paying attention to the NBA. I thought it was a fantastic series.
2021-01-12 16:32:16
Haha I love that you take a second to address the abundance of choice. In the 'old days' you basically just went with whatever was the best possible choice for the group since there wasn't such a refined selection of best possible choice for the individual.

In this case you were using watching something as a social event so i'm glad it worked out with the last dance. I like brandon personally loved that documentary.
2021-01-12 16:48:36