Someone asked this question in a FB group that I follow.

What is a rare combination of two skills that when combined make someone unstoppable?

I love the question but I found it hard to answer. It took me a long time but eventually, it came down to these four skills:

a) Decision making
b) Learning
c) Emotional intelligence
d) Execution

It is very hard for me to select just two out of these. We need decision making for big and small things that happen in life and to minimize mistakes and regret. We need learning to always try new things and keep a growth mindset. We need emotional intelligence to work and live with people - which is what everything is really about. And we need execution cause that is after making good decision, what matters is the action.

I am very curious to know what would be the answer to the same question for the other people in this community and why.

I also wanted to share some of the answers others posted on the FB page.  

1) How to learn (and how you best learn) + ability to analyze trends (macro, micro, personal, professional) gives you superhero potential in the new normal.
You will be able to pivot fast, and make informed decisions that will likely have more positive than negative outcomes in this crazy uncertain game we call "Modern life"

2) learning and grit

3) Critical thinking (in order to learn deeply) and resilience (in order to persist).

4) Mindset x Execution

Unstoppable in what context? If in the context of producing creative work, I would go with learning & execution. Learning so as to ensure that new iterations of work are not merely copies of past ones (you spare yourself the insanity by doing something different); execution because simply doing (esp at high volumes) works wonders for learning & increasing the quality of your work. 
2021-01-14 01:00:32
I like those two William. I think learning is a good one since you learn decision making (Which I have already decided is KEY for so many things) and also learn about emotion intelligence. Execution is another one that is necessary for getting things done. But yes - there was no context provided so it is a tough call.
2021-01-14 01:47:15
Natalie Nixon who wrote 'The Creative Leap' has a great combo: wonder & rigor. Both words have powerful meaning and allusions; I prefer these now haha. 
2021-01-14 14:28:03