I am not a very tech gadget/gaming type of person. At all. 
Back when I was a kid, I would have 1 or maximum 2 games that I loved - and that was all I wanted to play - if I wanted to play. Something about gaming didn't do it for me. 

Now, my Fitbit, my Oura ring and Dexcom are all gadget but I love them for health data reasons. I am a fan of bio-hacking and learning what makes my body behave a specific way. 

After the debacle of 2020, I felt the need to bio-hack my mind as well. Build my resilience/antifragility. Since it became very clear to me that it is possible to be bombarded with many stressful things at the same time, the ability to deal with stress is very highly correlated with health. So I genuinely started to work on things like meditation, controlled what type of music and movies I exposed myself to and decided to take a deeper look at the placebo effect. 

Along with the many experiments I want to try towards mind resilience, VR came to mind as a viable option. Instead of closing my eyes and imagining a serene place to go deeper into meditation, how about I do it with my eyes open? The idea came to me one day as I was trying to sleep. I thought I was a genius to come up with this and maybe I could patent the idea. But a quick google showed me that it is already out there. 

So I recently got the Oculus VR system. It arrived yesterday and I am charging the piece to use it later today. I intend to have a very immersive meditation session and do it on a more regular basis. I doubt playing games which YouTube shows is the main reason people get a VR system. Time will tell how this experiment will go. 
New toy!! Too bad it will be wasted on meditation instead of gaming. 🤣
2021-01-19 19:08:26
What were the games you liked growing up?
2021-01-19 23:18:14
This sounds promising. Tuning into this thread.
2021-01-20 05:48:42
I liked pac man and tetris. 
I didn't have patience for the others for some reason. 

Maybe there are better games now. I have already found an app for ping pong so we will see. 
2021-01-20 18:58:36
Haha I imagine you being a tetris queen! Idk why. Detail oriented type of person who likes keeping space/place cleaned.
2021-01-20 21:03:30