Coriander, yuck!

I generally eat well and enjoy most foods and meals served up for me. However, a few foods will never pass muster with me.

Different people perceive the taste of coriander leaves differently. Those who enjoy it say it has a refreshing, lemony or lime-like flavour, while those who dislike it have a strong aversion to its pungent taste and smell. I am a person who doesn’t enjoy coriander and will avoid it at all costs.

My mum tried to serve up tripe once. The lining of a cows stomach might be high in protein, but it is not high in taste and is as rubbery as an old boot. Possibly the worst food I have ever eaten. It was a good thing that it never reappeared at the dinner table.

I have grown to like tofu, though I still think it is best served covered in something else, like a sauce or breadcrumbs, to add flavour. This supports my theory that tofu is only suitable for helping you get the sauce from your plate to your mouth.

I shouldn’t complain about the food, and I get to eat well. I could count the foods I dislike with the fingers of one hand, but that doesn’t mean I have to eat coriander.
It's well accepted amongts 
s that coriander can sometimes taste like soap to people. Is that how it happens to taste to you?
2021-12-12 03:24:00
No, avocado tastes like soap to me, probably due to its texture. I just can't stomach coriander.
2021-12-12 09:24:57