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This contains spoilers for the  Netflix series Squid Game   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I'm not the type of person who has a set time each day where I just go and watch a TV show. I"m either binging something or I'm not watching anything at all. When I first watched Squid Game it...

Flash Fiction Practice

Korean buchimgae soju beer
It's a Korean tradition to make seafood pancakes -- or buchimgae-- when it rains. There's two reasons for this. First is audible, the sizzling in the oiled pan sounds eerily like rain. Second is the cool calm that follows on a rainy day.

buchimgae on a cool, rainy afternoon....
What's in a name?
Lol I'm similarly stubborn as you but in a different way. I actually wanted people to see me  not as
but as someone who is just another person. I was super idealistic about people just being people and that things like race don't matter.

I still beleieve that on an existential scale but I know that in practical day to day life with strangers it's not feasible. To them I won't just be another person, I'll be an outsider, and I've gone through stages of liking to disliking this. Right now I'm neutral about it. Last year or so I was ecstatic about it -> as in i loved being the outsider. 

My grandparents named me a Korean name -- which is what I'm registered as in South Korea -- and my parents gave me a biblical one that I grew up being called. It wasn't until I was visiting at the age of 13 that a nurse referred to me by my Korean name confusing me. 

"What that's my name?"

"Yes. That is what it says here."

"Wow. I never knew that."

I would use this Korean name as a joke around some of my high school friends who once they learned of its existence kept asking me what it was. I remember I thought about telling them the first time... but then I held my tongue at just the right moment.

Because I knew if I wouldn't tell them it would just be this funny thing that we would always talk about.

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Kimchi City

kimchi Korean hedonism
therealbrandonwilson asked me whether the kimchi I made with my mom is better than I've had previously. The answer is yes.

Taste-wise it's about the same as what my mom has always made, and I'd peg her as an above average kimchi maker....
The Oscars
My mom continues to mention institutional awards such as 
The Oscars
and I need to try real hard not to deride all these awards. When she shares that some 
won an award or got nominated for many of them she feels like it's a win for us.

I'm not as attached to my nationality so I don't get anything out of it. I'm guessing 
is more like my mom than me on this one lol.

are you into big awards and them being attached to your background?
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