January 2nd - In the middle of my Duty

In the middle of the night
I go walking in my sleep
From the mountains of faith
To the river so deep
Not that dramatic but the 17th hour of my paramedic shift is coming along "easily" and I'm already in one of the sleep rooms we've got.
Although we are many paramedics on duty today I got the opportunity to sleep alone. Well, there isn't a second bed so nobody can sleep with me here anyways. The other 5 rooms are occupied by the driver of the emergency doctor vehicle and the other 8 paramedics.

I can't remember a duty where we were so many people in the night. Since I'm the last one on the list to drive out, I don't even think I will get to drive in this shift again. But time will tell.

For now, I will try to sleep in this emergency exit light illuminated room and catch at least a few hours of sleep.

Also, I will have a look at all notifications I've got here later today. But I want to already thank 
for reading my recent posts. Thanks! You are the reason I'm still writing here.
lmao at it being illuminated in that way.

so a lot of drivers on the list. that's a good thing for the agency right? Or maybe bad that they don't know how to organize/schedule well?
2022-01-02 04:04:59
Well, it wasn't only drivers. Besides one car all were with three people. One driver, two paramedics. So a total of 4 cars + the emergency response doctor.
2022-01-02 07:35:05