You don't get it right the first time.

So quit!

Quit that first attempt and try it again.

Or something new!

Try a new strategy and really think about what result you're trying to get.

If you miss it, you failed!

Failing is the best step forward, continually refining your focus and your mindset toward a greener goal.

It's hopeless!

Hope is a sticky thing - too much of it and you never get anywhere. Too little of it and you start slipping and sliding out of control.

It's hopeless!

Hope - er, wait. We spun that one already.

See! Nothing is new!

It's comforting knowing that everything has been faced before - every challenge has been overcome, and if you put yourself into it you too will succeed.

You're not unique!

The moment you accept that you are a part of a greater, bigger, wider thing, that's the moment you accept true, meaningful change.

You're imperfect! Change yourself!

I think people obsess over change too much.

and like with happiness they fail to get it then (in this case fail to get the change they want)

because when someone is seeking change, they are not usually wise enough to know what change would lead to their betterment

most change people seek just leads to more seeking of change. forever caught in a pleasure trap and thinking 'this time its different'

it is not. the only time it's not different is when one stops seeking change. and begins to see instead what is true.

when they arrive.
2022-01-07 02:27:20