Corner of the Cafeteria

   Elementary School

Without knowing what babycorn was I asked my mom if we could find babycorn pizza. She didn't know what that was either. Every once in a while though I'd ask again for it again.

Babycorn pizza was Hassan's favorite food. We ate packed lunches in our corner of a table in the corner of the cafeteria far from the cool kids. I passed the group of cool white kids at the other end of the cafeteria on my way to this corner, watching them enjoy their hot lunches. I wished I had what they had rather than the Korean meal my mom packed. 

Hassan ate red colored rice out of a plastic tupperware. His meal looked foreign. And disgusting. I couldn't understand how anybody could eat that day in day out. But compared to the fried, breaded meats, french fries, and cartons of chocolate milk served in disposable styrofoam trays, I knew my meal was closer to Hassan's.

I would complain, but my mom said we couldn't afford hot lunch. Instead she began packing me western styled lunches. PBJ sandwiches. Some baby carrot sticks. Most importantly, no more rice.

Because the cafeteria line grew long quick most kids eating hot lunch rushed over while those with cold, lunches could move at a more leisurely pace. I remember many days wishing I could make that same run. Instead I'd take out my cold, unexciting lunch pail from my locker and walk the long halls to the cafeteria where I would sit in the back corner of the cafeteria with Hassan and Karthik.

I think I remember my mom packing my lunch in elementary school as well. Bologna sandwich or peanut butter and butter sandwich (no time for jelly). Maybe some chips or a cookie. It wasn't until seventh grade when I was at a school that served pizza every single day, and so that's what I had every single day with a couple of chocolate milks to wash it down and a nutty bar or giant chocolate chip cookie. 
2021-03-25 00:51:35
Someday I'd like to read a story related to your bologna and pb sandwiches. Did you get that in paper bags or a resuable lunch pail?
2021-03-25 16:10:56
Lunchbox. I think mostly non-descript ones but for a time I may have been sporting a lunchbox with Alf on it.
2021-03-25 16:53:32