Boarding House

J dropped the empty coffee cup into the waste basket at the front of the Boarding House's lobby. There was mid twenty year old girl in a pink blouse welcoming him. 

"You must be J."

"That's me."

"Come with me, I'll show you around." She got up and then said in a louder volume, "I'm showing a guest around! Can you come over to man the desk?"

J never got to see who she was yelling at. He was escorted to another room before the mystery person arrived. 

"Over here is the lounge area. The computers are free for use, you just need to limit yourself to 30 minutes at a time if another guest is waiting. And over there is our open library. You can take a book so long as you leave one."

J oooh'd. 

"Are you a reader?"

"Sort of. Not so much lately. Been into audiobooks more. But I'll check that shelf out. I wouldn't mind getting my hands on a good old fashioned paperback."

"I know. There's no replacing that feeling."

They went down winding stairs into the basement. The walls were exposed bricks with deep grooves in between. Lighting was achieved via lanterns styled lamps attached to vertical wooden beams lining the wall.

"Here is our kitchenete. Come down before 8 and you'll get a nice chat and a free breakfast. Maybe make some new friends."

"And after?"

"Then you'll get some shitty coffee." 


She smiled. 

"The fridge is free to use. It's an honor system. You should label your things."

She opened the door. It was mostly condiments, beer, and some veggie juices. Some plastic bags of lunch meats. 

"Now I can show you the quarters."

They went upstairs, passing the first floor and went straight to the second. On the way J passed some youngsters who were heading someplace with backpacks on. The hostess stopped at a door reading 217. 

"Here we are. This is your key. And this," she pointed to the baby blue door with 217 nailed onto it in navy blue pieces of wood, "this is your space."

J felt odd grabbing the keys. Felt scared twisting it in the door and hearing the latch unlock. He almost wished that the boarding house was larger That the tour could continue.

Definitely sounds like a bachelor's fridge. 
2021-03-28 13:12:15

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