Our humanity is grounded by the fact that we all have moments:

Moments where we see a truth that we didn’t see before — the fact that you really do care about that person’s well-being, that the work you’ve been doing is or isn’t making the change you set out to make.

Moments where we experience feelings below the surface that culminate into the extreme ends of emotions like delight, frustration, happiness, fear, or some combination of them.

Moments where we realize something is at stake: delivering better-than-last-time sales numbers (or else), our job, our friendships.

Figuring out how to help starts with spending time understanding the diverse truths, emotions and senses of urgency of the people you aim to serve. In doing so, you cultivate a deeper appreciation for their highs, their lows, their needs, and how to address them.
love the lowercased styling of this title. For some reason I'm guessing that was unintentional lol but i still like it.

likes to call these butterfly moments
2021-01-16 15:15:15
thanks! In this case the lowercasing was unintentional, though I generally try to be mindful of how meaning may change through capitalization. Glad in this case it appears to have worked out despite not having thought about it :) 

Curious about butterfly moments, 
: why butterflies? 
2021-01-17 16:02:03
I had a whole post about it back in the previous site we all used to write on. Let me try and recreate or rewrite about that concept here.
2021-01-18 23:23:01