Awards and Acting like I'm Above them

Learned yesterday that my dad was awarded MVP this year for his company. Usually I frown upon awards. I'm usually be the first to declare that these things don't matter, but as I read the company email my mom forwarded me containing his coworkers' comments I couldn't help but smile until my lips hurt.

This makes me revisit how much of my hating on awards -- whether company MVP or NYT Bestseller -- is just a cognitive strategy stemming from my own insecurities. I mean I know that deep down that's exactly what's happening, but I guess I still don't have the maturity to actually stop feeling salty with how obsessed with awards everyone is. 

But instances connected to the real people in my life like this offer me glimpses to what it feels like to live without carrying the burden of being the value-nazi, having to go around feeling smug about how everyone measures value in their own lives.

Congrats, Dad!

Hahaha, I'm the same too - I especially hate on Grammy and Oscars winners. But look, it's easy to say we're just cynical haters, I think it really depends on the recognition and its value. Sometimes awards are sullied by politicization or an obvious disregard for those who do deserve it. When an award is earned, it's absolutely great. Congrats to your dad, too!
2020-12-11 23:50:37
I'm glad the company actually has a program to recognize MVPs.It sounds like his coworkers played a roll in his win, so that's probably more legit than some brown-noser who is in good with the boss. I'm not a huge fan of major awards either especially in the entertainment realm.
2020-12-12 00:37:21