My online muse

Adagia, like 200wad, is like an online muse. There's an allure to logging on and writing in a place that's made for writing. Sometimes I have thoughts which I keep to myself (or offline), or maybe often I have those thoughts, but other times I feel like saying what I'm thinking publicly, and then Adagia is the catharsis. Sure there's facebook, or maybe a blog, but somehow the dynamic here feels write (right?). 

Everyone gets together in this writing forum and writes their thing. Sometimes we feedback, sometimes we don't, but it's good to have a spot like this, to let our thoughts flow out and shape themselves into legible paragraphs that somehow say it better than a conversation. Is that just me?

I was thinking that I could never really do a podcast. I don't like speaking. It's not like I'm a creepy introvert jacking off in dark upstairs rooms at house parties (have only done that once), but I'm not the guy who streaks naked through the backyard and jumps in the pool at a house party either (though I've done that a couple of times). 

What I'm saying is, when you have a need to write, sometimes you push it back and ignore it, or other things get in the way, but the muse always calls you back, and this muse's name Adagia. 

Fick DICH!! Jk. i didn't even read this just wanted to say that cause I get excited everytime I see your fake face lol
2021-01-19 01:03:48
Remember one of your first comments to me was are you me? well here's one thing where we diverge on. I actually love talking and it's something I need to work on. Talk less. Listen more. So it's nice to see that you don't have that problem.

Oh by the way, go check out our Tribe. Daniel and I have been putting in work!!! 

And finally. 
already claimed that Adagia is better than Facebook and Twitter!!!
2021-01-19 01:06:01
Ha, it was! But I don't remember what about. Do you?
And actually I do talk a lot and have the exact same problem you do, my issue is more like, I hate it in retrospect. I regret things I say, if I hear myself in some recording I hate it, etc...but I do talk a lot more than I should. 

I know what fick dich means without google translate, arscholch
2021-01-19 11:39:39