I got got

Damn got covid.

Its okay so far, I think the fever is actually pretty high, but I a celsius thermometer, and I've been taking some paracetemol (or tylenol/ acetominophen). 

Its weird they name it other things everywhere else.

 I am lucky I can be at home, but the fever does make it very hard to work and to write for that matter. 

I think a long time ago I was this sick, when Abe and I had a writing club at college. I remember then though you didn't wear masks. I think I might have even went to class. 

I don't remember that time entirely, but I do remember noting and maybe I didn't write this but everything seems a bit less intense. 

Now though I am worried I have brain fog or those type of things. 

In England though a lot of people and friends have gotten it recently, I don't know about the science in terms of this plan. To me its too complicated for people to really know. 

We got groceries delivered and hopefully later some Gatorade will arrive. 

I don't know why I think that helps. 
People always have different cures depending where they are from. 
Michigan its vernors and gatorade, or maybe the latter was just my family.