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2022-10-08 - Paramedic Training & Duty

paramedic pandemic Everyone's Favorite Virus™️ ambulance training challenge firefigthers vehicles CPR
Yesterday I was at my first large  paramedic   training since the beginning of the  pandemic with  Everyone's Favorite Virus™️ . I started around 9 am with a brief introduction to the different stations where we had 30 minutes to complete the  challenge .

The first station for us was training with...

Life Change

popcorn exercise Everyone's Favorite Virus™️ homeoffice puppy dog COVID Writing Adagia potato chips chocolate unhealthy overweight diet fitness gym habit health Zwift Strava streaks cycling Fitbit
Since I was around ten years old, my love for food was somehow amplified. I started to eat more, and with more came along "bad" food. I fell for popcorn , potato chips and chocolate . Although my braces set a limit on the chocolate input (since then, eating "normal"...

A bad sleeping habit

Everyone's Favorite Virus™️
Recently I started to use a lousy sleeping pattern again. I got 26°C in my sleeping room, so I'm already sleeping really bad (I need to fix the AC ASP).

But besides the heat, my nose is still completely clogged as a side effect of my allergies and as left over...