The problem

Not to be confused with the infinite backlog of issues you call problems.

problem is the unequivocally particular and urgent predicament you cannot stop thinking about because it routinely interferes with thriving.

The easiest way to not solve any problem is to engage in a free-for-all forging of paths where everyone tries to solve for what they personally think the problem is, which rarely produces the unified effort required to move mountains and create change. And in some cases, it causes the culture to become stunted or unrecognizable.

Before you chart a hopeful path forward, consider engaging the culture and the people first to understand and agree on what the problem really is. In doing so, you enroll the full force of community that’s required to make a change.
Leadership and Design have so much in common that this post speaks to both fronts. 
2021-01-23 15:39:08
Yup - and decision making as well Sir Abe. 
2021-01-24 01:06:03