Cruise Upcoming COVID vacation paramedic cigars PCR Test cruise ship Venice Mediterranean sea health personnel Wacken Open Air cigar lounge

I was just at the test centre to get a
PCR Test
. I'm not feeling sick, but I needed to board a
cruise ship
on Saturday in
. I will finally enjoy an 8-day
on the
Mediterranean sea

I have been looking forward to this since I booked it back in June last year. I had the opportunity to book it way cheaper (-30%) because MSC is giving back to
health personnel
(and luckily, voluntary
s count).

Also, Christoph is coming with me as a cabin buddy. So it is almost like a
Wacken Open Air
(which hopefully takes place this year). And since we booked the best drinking and eating experience, we can drink and eat everything we want on the ship. No need to think about expenses because everything is already paid.

Interestingly the Ship got a
cigar lounge
on it. I wonder how expensive the
 will be there as I think we will be spending a lot of time there. I also booked a trip with TukTuks in Kotor and an evening event in Mykonos.

We might also visit the port in Santorini and Bari, where the ship is also stopping. And since every country is part of the EU, I only need to bring Euros along. No changing to other currencies.