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Abraham Kim
doctor paramedic ambulance SUV
"The car came from nowhere. I couldn't even hear an engine until it was driving off."

"Maybe it was an electric car? Those things are quiet."

"No. Once it was driving away I could hear the engine. I could hear it from real far away after I couldn't see it anymore."

"So a...

Cruise Upcoming

COVID vacation paramedic cigars PCR Test cruise ship Venice Mediterranean sea health personnel Wacken Open Air cigar lounge
I was just at the test centre to get a COVID PCR Test . I'm not feeling sick, but I needed to board a cruise ship on Saturday in Venice . I will finally enjoy an 8-day vacation on the Mediterranean sea .

I have been looking forward to this since...

Stroke Unit Availability

paramedic doctor stroke hospital treatment
Yesterday I was doing a paramedic day shift again. Our first mission brought us to a doctor whose patient had typical signs of a stroke .

The nearest stroke unit is currently closed because of missing personnel due to many COVID19 positive nurses and doctors. So the doctor told us to...

Here goes the title?

death paramedic grandfather memory
It has been a few weeks since my grandfather died ( Grandfather Yours Truly & A day off (Death and Webhosting inside) Yours Truly ) in contrast to the death of my other grandfather...

Screw inside a wheel

paramedic Tesla car Apartment
Last Saturday I was doing a short paramedic duty. When I was finished I went to my car and wondered why it was telling me that there is low pressure inside the tires.

Since it is winter a low-pressure warning normally isn't something bothering me, because if the temperature is below...

January 7th - Why sleep when you can drive?

accident paramedic email sleep
After the  accident ( my paramedic night shift continued to be hellish and without much sleep. A few minutes after we finished cleaning the car I moved into one of the sleeping rooms and sent out a few  email s ( and wrote the linked article.

It wasn't long until we...

January 6th - Hosting Shutdown

paramedic freelance business PHP hosting GDPR
I had my freelance business since about 2014 if I remember correctly. It never made much by way of revenue, but it was always good to have something to write an Invoice.

Back then was building the website of a driving school without much knowledge besides basic PHP. The page is...