She waited eagerly
I remember when
first hit the states feeling this euphoria. I almost felt like an upperteenager who confronted by 
. I saw COVID as this thing that I could tackle as a servant.

That didn't last long lol.
Abraham Kim

Flash Fiction Practice
She waited eagerly

She waited eagerly. Everyday. Especially when walking under the summer sky on her walks, wondering what this winter would be like. 

She secretly hoped that COVID would be worse this year. That it would be bad enough that her university would let her work from home again. 

She wanted this...
One thing that fascinates me is that you wholeheartedly claimed that 
has been an awesome time for you and treated you well. Yet you have this fierce macro discontent.

It seems that actually most of your discontent -- expressed form at least -- heavily leans towards macro. You get pissed about the publishing industry and shitty readers rather than your micro/personal writing habits. 

Adding an LOL here cause I don't want this to come off as me being pissed or angry at Gabriel. I always try to challenge him and his thinking lol.
Abraham Kim
Ah this is the new hot topic issue of the internet I believe. No longer are people fascinated by talking about

You know it's funny that you bring up how you can't understand how people wouldn't side with 
. But I am someone who leans more towards 
... though that opinion is changing more everyday.
Abraham Kim

Abe's Glog

I hope one lasting consequence of COVID in the U.S is a blurring of work-time.

There's a saying like fish in water to mean sometimes you don't know something you're so ingrained within. The concept of work-time has been something I've been fish-in-water for.

I can recall instances in the past...