Massive Progress NOT REQUIRED

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It's easy to think we need to accumulate results to have proof.

I'll do X when I accumulate Y amount of Z.

I'll sign up for the marathon when I have put in 500 miles of training.
I'll clean out the garage when I get my room organized.

Vinyl record scratch.

The logic doesn't work.

Life only exists between waking and sleeping. There is no accumulation of days.

If you want something in your life - it has to happen today.
Want a better job?
Work on it today. If you still want it tomorrow --- well, that's actually just another today.

Today - is the only word you need on your calendar.

Happy February!

said: "So my #1 focus will remain my health until I make massive progress."

Does she need massive accumulation of progress or just a clear shift in the behaviors that lead to progress?

Examples for myself:

I won't start creating visuals until I see massive writing progress -- e.g. 100 day streak of writing daily.


I'll write daily as soon as I:
Get coffee
Sit down
Close all tabs
Start typing

and then -- I'll create a visual by:
closing browser tabs
drinking water
opening figma
selecting one of the drawing tools

The second group of items is not an out from taking responsibility now - it's a list of items I know work. It's the detailed movements that when grouped together, create a behavior. A behavior - is what habits are made of and habits are what results grow from.

You hear: "Just take action."

When I translate that, it means. Make a list of each step. Then, take each step.

Then, repeat the list making and step taking until you stop needing the list.

Make list.
Do items.
Make list.
Do items.
Make list.
Do items.

The review -- allows you to improve your list at each iteration. The list can be made 10 times per hour. There are no rules -- only results. If you like the results - repeat. If you don't like the results - adjust.

Don't trust my words. These are for me.

Just ask:  "How am I getting results now? Is it working? Do I have a list?"
I skip the list and go straight to "do items." Maybe I'd benefit from having a list.
2021-02-01 16:50:29
I'm like Brandon as well except for the fact that my time-to-doing is much longer than his... as in I sit and pontificate a lot longer. I'm trying to reduce this time.

I do think that doing things like the list method would help me reduce this time because my greatest speed bump to getting started is not having an actionable next step so I just pontificate the grand vision instead.

quoted MLK in one of his recent newsletters. 

 â€œIf you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” 

I think that when it comes to Massive Progress NOT REQUIRED progress and momentum itself is more key than the amount. It's more important that you choose to progress at a crawl's pace rather than lament about not being able to walk, run, or fly.

2021-02-01 17:08:17
Love it! "Pontificate the grand vision" lol
2021-02-01 17:14:15
The list, me thinks, is a way to have something to review. Maybe it should be:

I feel an acronym coming on.
2021-02-01 18:31:36
As much as I am a list person, I don't have the energy even for that. I will revisit this once I acquire energy.
2021-02-02 01:27:11
would you be willing to share some of your lists? Wanted to see what they might look like.

2021-02-02 19:51:07
If I find myself being unable to focus and get my writing done, here's one I might actually write.

1. Quit browser
2. Open browser to
3. Type 750+ words
4. Close browser

2021-02-02 21:03:45