My body feels sore.

The day before yesterday i worked out intensely with Connor O'Brian. For real that's his name. We have known each other since February and about a month ago we began running together. We do a 10K run once every week. Now here's the thing, Connor likes to run fast. The first time i said, okay no prob i can run fast too, but this guy is like the fucking Energizer bunny. I'm gonna train more at a higher pace and I'll put him through pain. Fuck !
Last time we got really fucked up because we did mixed workout: pull-ups, push-ups squads and abs workouts before and after running. That's why all my body aches today. It feels good tho, i already feel it is healing.

Now I'm waiting to get into my yoga class. I arrived too early, no morning class today. I should begin to check the schedule. So, I'm in a cafe, waiting for time to pass. What about you ?
Sipping iced coffee and reading.

Didn't drink all the coffee we made yesterday so i stuck the remainder in a thermos. Makes for a good drink the day after.

Just ate porridge with gf. Now doing some reading.
2022-05-26 15:40:06
Btw, if you're a fan of porridge there's a YouTube video of Jamie Oliver making the best porridge ever, the traditional way. As for coffee, have you thought about getting espresso instead? 
2022-05-29 11:08:28
I'll check out Oliver. 

I use a 
percolater so my 
isn't precisely "coffee". Not like your 3 euro trashy coffee lol.

It's closer to an 
than it is the Americano styled coffee.

I believe they call it a "mocha"
2022-05-29 15:59:59
Btw, if you wanna get nerdy about your coffee i recommend getting one of those hand Expresso machines. Roc or flair espresso ;) you'll learn a lot about coffee. You'll also have to buy freshly roasted and grind it yourself every time you make your coffee.

But that's great in the end. I have a Bialetti too, an original Italian one. I also have a smaller french (Bialetti remix) an original V60, a ROC and a smaller pot for Turkish coffee
2022-05-29 16:34:56
And I'm not sure they call it mocha, i think they call it just Bialetti, like the coffee machine.
2022-05-29 16:35:35
I'll have to try out a roc or flair... but for now i'm completely happy dying drinking only Bialetti for the rest of my life.

I've never heard people actually call it a mocha. But I've heard people describe it as such when they were getting technical. Like they would first say "I drink bialetti" but then when someone who was unaware of what that was they'd reply "oh it's like an espresso. But it's called mocha"
2022-05-30 16:00:40