defining abstract concepts

This is a simple experiment of thought that i am challenging you to take: Describe in as many ways as possible terms that do not have a physical représentation. This terms don't find a correlation In the physical world. They represent dynamic processes of the mind

Take love for example, you'll love your mum in a different way than you love your sister and yet in a very different way than you can love your girlfriend. In defining these concepts we entail our very own experience and begin to form a definition that is unique and constantly changing.

I find it a good exercise to take one of these concepts and think about it in as many different ways as possible.

Freedom for example, can be a freedoms to do something, ex: drive a car on pubic roads or have sex with multiple partners (in an open relationship) or eat anything you like when you want. But there's also freedom from slavery, or from being entrenched economically within a certain system .
Much of
are abstract concepts defined by the engineer.

referenced in colloquial terms -- like happiness, sadness are abstract concepts. There are underlying drivers to the eventual concept but the concept itself is still abstract by the time the human mind that is experiencing the underlying coins it as 'this is me being happy'

abstract concepts
can be useful for managing complexity and making information systems out of them as lego blocks.

They can be quite unuseful and cause much suffering when people enslave their sense of wellbeing to them.
2022-05-30 14:49:19