I have hearing a lot about suicide a lot lately. I am not sure if it is COVID or something else but I have personally known people that have either committed suicide or know of someone who has. 

Even a lot of celebrities are committing suicide. I stay away from the news to keep myself sane. Especially since seeing the effect of watching the COVID deaths on CNN nonstop at the start of the pandemic, I decided to stay away. 

But this suicide thing seems to be all around me. Not everyone discloses when it is suicide. Since there is a lot of guilt and shame around it in my culture, you often hear something like - the person died suddenly. But lately, the age of the people dying is getting younger and more troubling. 

I don't know what the solution is but this trend is troubling. 
Some people simply deal with so much pain that they cannot cope, and choose to commit suicide. Be it chronic pain, frustrations or deception. The spectrum of heavy emotions is large, and it is so unfortunate somehow that suicide appears as a solution.

We do not choose how, when and where we enter this world, why choose when to leave it? I think it's just wrong.
2022-06-03 17:07:13
It is a difficult topic and I wish I understood it more. 
2022-06-04 02:33:08