Email is old

I am surprised email is still around and that it has not had a major overhaul as a service. I think Google could do a better job of filtering out unwanted email and mining email data. It does have a powerful search, but I rarely use it because the UI is not intuitive. When I do use it, it just takes too much time and requires me to know what I am looking for.
Instead, I would like to have some mixed filters that intelligently suggest filter criteria based on the contents of my inbox. For example, I'd like to see all emails with attachments from the last month. Or I would like to see all emails sent in the morning between 5 and 10 am.

Or, better yet, would it be possible to get insight into which emails I interact with the most, which contacts I spend the most time responding to, how much time on average I spend responding to emails each time.

It would also be great if you could set it up to completely separate promotional, update, communication and transactional emails from my inbox. I would also like to have more control over who can send what in my inbox, and have a system of reputation for each new person that is reaching out via email.
Email is old.

It can have better user interactions.

I still love it though for most of my textual communication
2022-06-05 13:19:45
Isn't this what SuperHuman or all those $30/m email services does (Basecamp's Hey and etc)

I think Email will remain for a long time because it's just simple. Improving its UI/UX complicates it.

Just like notepad.
2022-06-05 19:58:00
I was thinking about Hey as well. 

My thinking mirrors yours about Email's longevity due to its simplicity.

All these email softwares are just bolton user interfaces -- albeit with backend 
to facilitate and make those UIs possible -- ontop of the email protocol.

I'm glad the email protocol itself has remained simple.

For more complex protocols to be formed we have the experimental laboratory that is the emerging 
2022-06-06 12:22:47