Woke up like

Yesterday I partied with a friend of mine, in her room. It was a private party ;) We started easy just chilling on the couch, she poured a glass of wine, I had a tea, we were chatting laughing joking. Nothing serious. Then, she began to prepare for this kink party and started putting makeup on and trying out outfits. I was layin on the couch sipping tea and looking at her a bit baffled by what she was pulling out of her wardrobe. Her general style is more like goth dark. First she put on a super-short girlsh top with fish-net shorts. It looked sexy but the two didn't work well together. She tried a long pant then, a different transparent t-shirt, it was cool but something more on the skin would have worked better. She turned to me, something more on the skin you said, ok... And then pulled out her sillicone outfit.
Will you give me a hand with this ? Damn, and I wrapped her un in that sillicon and got so turned on that as soon as I wrapped her I had to unrap her hahah ! So yea, we fucked all night, she missed the party and I missed yoga this morning.
Yoga TeamStreak will not approve!
2022-06-05 01:44:29