Writing haiku. Bad sign.

Yardi you are so
Frustratingly long with your  
Changing requirements  

My foot, it is numb
It seems I am old now and  
Always have a problem  

I am overwhelmed
I will never get to all  
The things that need done  

I am always tired
Not sure where to lay blame  
It could be anything  

Long Winters on the
Streaming service of my choice  
We don't care about art  

All software is crap
To build something uncrappy  
You must fly solo  

Allow committees
Or fire everyone who smells  
There is no mid-ground  

Who is the common
Denominator? You are  
Of course you are, ass

I got a steak. Good source of iron.

2022-06-07 23:43:07
I usually have excess iron that I'd be happy to donate anytime.
2022-06-08 01:59:48