Writing fast before biking

Flash writing I am about to bike really fast home. 

Today I wore a light blue shirt. 
And today I saw another guy in a light blue shirt. And he also had brown hair. 
Why are all these brown haired white guys wearing light blue shirts. Who told us. 
I tried to talk to him, and he seemed confused. 

Then after that I went to have lunch. But people were commenting on how I put blueberries in a cup. Not a bowl to eat them. They asked if it’s an American thing. 

Right now I had to bike back to work because I forgot my charger and I am going away for awhile. I just saw my boss leaving. What’s he doing so late? I am asking my self the same. 

For some reason when I wrote all of these I imagined myself shouting. Or speaking in a raised tone. 

As I’m writing this I have descended the stairs. There is not a person in this building. Soon the security guard will come and ask me about  why I am here. 

How should I know that? Why are you asking me? 

Were you both also wearing tan pants to complete the classic combo that never goes out of style?
2022-06-09 22:00:36
Soon the security guard will come and ask me about  why I am here... Why are you asking me? 

Lol the security guard believes that this is their duty.
2022-06-12 14:13:55