Just meant to be notes on the exihibits I just saw. There was of course the fountain of Duchamp, the turning piece of modern art. But I think or I have a feeling, that people mis interpret his intentions, I guess they do say in the description they think he wanted to give a new meaning to old objects. If you don't know about this, he took a urinal laid it on its back, and signed a fake name on it and submitted it to a prestigious art show. People were really upset and called it lewd, and unacceptable. But people got talking about 'readymades' or objects that artists don't make but select, pluck out of reality, and use it for maybe a new use. Or give it a new meaning, beyond its just urinalness, it became an art object. People were forced to look at its form and aesthetics. 

Since then people have been calling everything art, there sculptures made out of normal blinds. Clothes hung on a line to look like missles. And even large pieces of ladders, and electric wire hung like DNA bridging scales. 

At the same time another one of his pieces in a way was cooler he dropped three pieces of string, and with the lines they traced, cut that out of wood. He's done this before with dropped glass. He compressed a piece of glass between two pieces of plastic and then put that in the back of a truck and drove around new york.

The glass broke from bumps in the road, and stopping in starting, but not all of it. and if he were to do it again it would be completely different. 

He was obessed with easy processes that go awry, or simple processes that produce individual results. 

My other favorite piece was called babel, and its just a tower of radios playing all different frequencies and they are all different sizes. But its horrible and so loud and unnerving. But it just makes you think about all the information out there. How much a person needs and how much they are surrounded by, and how those two things don't add up. 

There was and still is a lot more art. I liked one person who was just measuring electricity with a potato. 

There is a performance that is mesmerizing where someone sweeps the ground, but incredibly slowly. It's absolutely insane to watch. 
Oliafur Eliason made a cool installation once, where he filled up a room with smoke and lit up lamps in different colours. The entire space caught a certain materiality and made it absolutely amazing to walk trough
2022-06-10 14:59:06
When imagination is the boundary and nobody can predict what is going to happen next is awesome.
2022-06-10 15:00:01
 did you see it? That is a show everyone talks about. Sounds amazing! 
2022-06-10 15:50:03
That show is amazing indeed, I haven't been to that particular one but some friends of mine took his idea to a next level in a show of their own and it was pretty awesome, so I got a feel of what it might have been like 
2022-06-11 14:54:55