We are all dealing with inflation and rising prices, but now we have something called shrinkflation to worry about. No, this term doesn't refer to when your clothes suddenly seemed to have shrunk. Shrinkflation refers to the practice of offering less of a product for the same price or even a higher price. I've been onto these tricks for a while.

At Dairy Queen when you order a Heath Blizzard, you have to order extra Heath just to get the amount you should have had to start with. Same goes for a pizza. You have to order double sausage or double pepperoni and extra cheese just to get what used to be the normal amount. And you're paying more for the privilege.

When did a "King Size" candy bar start to represent a regular candy bar? A small bag of Doritos you get out of a vending machine is 1.75 oz. That's basically one big handful of chips. You could easily eat 3-4 of those. The "party size" bag of Doritos is now 14.5 oz. Sounds like a lame party with only three people in attendance.

This CNET story has more examples. As always, buyers beware or just stop buying certain products and teach them a lesson.
Replies to Shrinkflation
ha, so true.

Most items in sachets over here are becoming less of the product, more of air.
2022-06-15 06:07:08
This makes me wonder. family size vs party size. seems like a brandonian doctrine
2022-06-15 14:38:38
I've got several topics in the queue, but I haven't recorded them in a bit. I do want to start recording my newsletters.
2022-06-15 16:33:33