wheelbarrows Andrew Jackson milk eggs wheelbarrow Abraham Lincoln sliced bread marxists white supremacists concealed carry

as reply to Shrinkflation

He had to cart in a
three quarters filled with mostly
Andrew Jackson
s and
Abraham Lincoln
s to buy his
, and
sliced bread
for the week. But he never complained because he was a good ole fashioned REAL AMERICAN.

While in the checkout he heard some
complaining about how there weren't enough wheelbarrows to go around. It was true. These days you couldn't find a wheelbarrrow, and if you could you wouldn't have enough wheelbarrows to carry the cash necessary to buy the wheelbarrow itself. It was a tough time.

The marxist completed paying out the ass and then allowed their other fellow shopper, who was also probably a marxist, pay out the ass next.

He, the first marxist, continued his diatribe in a nasally voice. "Yeah that's what I'm talking about! Biden's got to provide us with universal access to wheelbarrows! But these
white supremacists
just won't let it happen! All they care about is their guns."

So the white supremacist, who vowed he wasn't a white supremacist, he was instead a traditional man, dropped his wheelbarrow to the side and left the milk, eggs, and sliced bread he was about to purchase on the ground and came over and revealed his
concealed carry
. Remaining behind, he wrapped his wrist around the marxist and placed the head of the gun on his cheek, but not forcing it into the mouth. 

When the cold steel touched the marxist's cheek he gasped and the gun just slid right in.

"Now what did you say? Can you say it again so we all know you meant it?"
The grocery check-out line is a great setting for musings.
2022-06-15 16:27:21