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A woman in her late twenties, draped in a
black dress
walked through the ambiently lit corridors holding a glass of amber brown
. She entered the master bedroom where the tall man with his long legs was still suited in his professional garb. He knew she was coming, her steps could be heard through the long hall the entire way. And yet he still had his head slunched over as he was in thought until she came over to him.

Only then he lifted his head to meet her eyes and grab the whiskey. He hadn't stayed in town like this since the year before. The call to come over had come out of the blue. She had missed him.

"What were you thinking about," she asked.

"Nothing,' he said with a soft grin.
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i might make it Cassie then
2022-06-18 15:58:31
This section is really really good. i keep rereading it
2022-06-18 16:48:57

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