You seem tense

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She massaged his back slowly as he sipped his glass of whiskey on the edge of his large king sized bed. She could feel the cool spring air flow in through the windows causing the window curtains to wave in the darkness.
“Did you have a rough night? You seem tense.”
“I just have a lot to think about..  I saw my sister today.”
“You have a sister? You’ve never told me about her?”
“I don’t tell you everything, Cassie..”
“No.. no you don’t.  So, why did you call for me. Did your sister make you think of me?”
“My sister didn’t make me think of you. I had a dream last night and you were in it. I don’t think I’ve dreamt in year.” He said ask he slowly took a sip of his whiskey
“Really, I was in your dream?” Cassie perked up stopping the massage. “What was I doing in the dream.”
“I can’t remember the specifics. Only you were there and we were both here on this bed. I’ve missed your touch Cassie. I forgot how nice it made me feel” He said as reached out and touched her bare thigh.
“Why did it take so long for you to call. I was beginning to think you forgot about me.”
“I could never forget about you. Are you still seeing someone?”
“No, we broke up awhile back. Are you seeing her?” She asked carefully her eyes fixed on his facial expressions.
He paused, taking his time before answering her. “She no longer matters to me. She never made me feel the way you did.” He said as he began feeling her back and kissing her exposed shoulder.
“I bet you say that to all your girls.”
“I don’t have any girls, Cassie. I’ve been so busy with work.”
“Sounds like nothing has changed.” She said smiling stroking his brown hair and neck.
“Your life is probably much more interesting than mine..” He said. “Are you ok, I thought I saw you crying in your car.”
She was caught off guard. She hadn’t noticed him watching from the room.
“Not, really. I had a rough a vacation and when I got home I found out my dog died.”
“That’s terrible. How did that happen?”
“A fire. My ex was watching him and his apartment burned down with poor Todd inside.” A tear gently dripped down her cheek.
Mr. Gardner suddenly grew still replaying her words over in his head.
“Are you okay?” She asked after awhile.
“I heard about that fire…” He said very quietly. “Is there anything I can do to make you feel better.”
“Can you just hold me.”
Mr. Gardner held her against his chest and began kissing her neck slowly working his way down.
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