I have been working with a well-known Mazda dealer on a sponsorship package for the Zoom-Zoom club. A sponsored partnership with a local Mazda dealer is a significant benefit for a motley crew of Mazda MX-5 owners like us.

To get a sponsorship deal over the line, you have to allow them to splash their logo and branding across your website, communications, and merchandise. With photo opportunities, you need to make sure their product and brand are well positioned in the photo.

For the dealer, getting access to members is key to the deal. The dealer is trying to put their dealership at the front of mind for members. When a member is thinking about purchasing a new MX-5, the dealer wants to make sure that they first go to their dealership. A good member benefits programme can help here. Discounts on servicing, free club membership for new MX-5 buyers, and a swag of free stuff, can get members in the dealership's door.

There are not only benefits for the dealer, there are also benefits for the club. Leveraging the marketing of a dealer allows the club to be marketed as well. If you can get the sponsorship package right, it will attract new members to the club. 
I was thinking about you the other day. Based on what I've read here it sounds like you have an amazing balance in life. Family, work, hobbies. The perfect mix.
2021-02-11 01:43:03
Yeah, Peter, you seem to be a very well grounded guy. Did you ever write about where the MX-5 hobby started?
2021-02-11 09:12:25
, I made some brief mention of where my roadster passion started in an earlier post (https://adagia.org/post/156), but it is something I will elaborate on.
2021-02-11 09:30:57

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