Today reflections

I'm in an empty room—a large empty room where not much happens. I have any art on the walls, no library, no coffee table or couch. It's just a lot of space and a nice floor. In a corner, I keep my rolled yoga mat. Near the window is a glass desk. On the opposite side is a double bed, and to its left, I have a large cabinet where I keep my clothes. I'm not a big fan of this setup, but I'll try to do with it.
I need to put more art on the walls of this room. It's just too blunt, and the light is just horrible. I don't like it at all. It's temporary tho. I would like much more to have my apartment and decorate it how I want. Need an extra 300.000 € for that. What plan I can devise for that? hmmm let's see.
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2022-06-25 22:57:48