Running Thoughts

Today there was toasted grass and shades of straw. 
The normal multitude of smells, was replaced by one, heat. 
Again they told us that its not because of people, 
but this century we will see Englands hottest temperatures. 
The hottest currently was recorded in 2019 in the same garden that Newton saw an apple fall from a tree and discovered gravity.
How can you discover something that is already there?
I stepped through the fields trees only on their perimeter, my normal run had to slow to a walk. 
And sweat collected in the brim of my cap. 
The excitement of the day before was lost on the peoples faces. I was excited only to get home, and take a cold shower. I was imagining then the contrast to now. But it was still 2 miles left. In Michigan I used to run all the time in this weather. But now this climate made me soft. Or just not used to it. 
Its crazy how much the body adapts.
I read somewhere it takes two weeks for you to adapt to the heat or the cold. 
I don't know where I read that. 

What is there is the only thing one can discover.
2022-07-18 00:48:47