Ice Chips

as reply to white collar

Juno had barely slept last night. It was hot, and hotter next to these grills. But he kept going, periodic relief came from a fan plugged in near the freezer, that every so often would blow cool air down his aisle. He was in charge of three things warm the buns, cook the meat, and fry the nuggets. The fries was handle by the front team. An area he wasn't allowed to work, not on these busy shifts at least. 

He made his way around watching the clock 10 minutes, and he could have a 15 minute break. Great, he hid a small cup for ice chips near the freezer so he would walk there and fill his mouth then walk back. Crunching and cooling himself. 

He didn't know it at the time but that summer would be different. A lot of his friends were going to be gone, some at summer camps, some at internships, and some he just wouldn't talk to until school was back. That was normal, but most summers he would spend just walking around the neighborhood doing nothing, but even those friends had moved. Spencer to Florida, and Trevor he wasn't sure. 

The heat couldn't keep last weeks new addition out of his mind. Everything worked the same it just seemed weird that the new grill back would help their productivity. But the managers were always talking about new reports, and how they stacked up. 

He thought about his first day there, when they told him he had to follow everything as instructed that way everything runs smoothly. Cars come in, people get their food, and they leave happy.

He liked the best though after dinner rush. Things calmed down, and at around 7 Chris and the night shift guys came in and they prepared for the next day. They were louder than the day shift, and wedged the back door open for air, and put their phone on one of the speakers to listen to music. Everyone also talked. Not about anything in particular, but it was nice to listen to. At first he didn't say anything.