Chuck: WFH Youtube weed

Chuck woke up that day and checked his computer. He saw a friend from back home post "Your network is your networth". Lazily he checked the various apps, like leafing through a magazine, he appeared in 20 searches that week, and he was getting noticed. He laughed at the thought. He quickly closed that, and onto to reddit. Then watched some
shorts. Then he decided he'd had enough dopamine he got up and sat on the side of his bed. I shouldn't always be on my phone, what was the point, I got up an hour ago to do what. He started working from home some days of week. It was nice, you could get up and go right to a meeting. "Just a reminder for these meetings we like have the cameras on". He blurred his background, and waved. His mic was off, and he was grinding
under the table. 

To be honest, and especially if he didn't think about for to long the other people, he liked work. He listened to music all day, and just watched people. In some ways it was like those videos where people build a shed or dig a hole. It was just grilling burgers, set to smooth jazz. Like you could totally program some AI to do this. Watch people flip burgers, and all that, its not rocket science. 

He'd been interested in one group in particular. He wasn't even sure why, it was just a small city in Michigan or Wisconsin, he wasn't really supposed to know, but the codes they get aren't really encrypted. He'd been there long enough to figure it out. 

He couldn't really explain it, maybe its as you watch so many people you make up all these things about their life. Or you see people you knew, like that guy looks like my math teacher. Or thats a Karen for sure. But these guys were weird, maybe its like when stamp collectors have a favorite one, or a favorite color. He would just check on in them a little more. 
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