24/7 weed Flint Juno

That day he arrived early. He searched his car for a little
, he said he'd bring it for the others so they could make their shifts interesting. When he finally found the small bag. A tap on the door startled him.

"No rush today

They called him that now he'd been working for awhile. He didn't really understand why, as it wasn't his name, but it was cuz they said he kind of looked like that guy from that movie. And when they would say it he's cheeks would get red.

"There doing some install. Some kind of thing to help with our numbers I guess.
Silvia, said they we are the slower ones in
. "

The other workers milled about, some were smoking, some went to their cars to sit down. People driving up were confused. It was a nice day though, and clouds moved slowly above. 

" I thought you guys were supposed to be 24/7" a lady asked driving in and then out. 

That day they opened an hour later, and to be honest not much changed, they moved one of the coolers, so they pushed it back next to the grill. They thought it was weird, but didn't care much, behind the grill the stainless steel back was replaced with a dark black piece of glass. They were told to clean in the same way. And Chris said something about it being a nice kitchen now.

The rest of the shift though was normal, and the kitchens heat started to slowly climb after the lunch rush. When things were calming down, they took turns going to the freezer room to cool down, and grab new stock to prepare for dinner. After all this was done, a few went out to smoke. 

"We left it lit for you Juno, grab the trash on the way out." 

He stepped out from the back door with breeze, he could see it still lit on the makeshift holder, so he took a small hit. Coughing while walking to throw the bag in the dumpster. 
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