I woke up at 4:30 today. Yesterday, my flatmate Fynn was invited to participate in an online beer tasting event. I have just arrived home from work when it started, so we joined together. It was a blind tasting, all the bottles were wrapped in aluminium foil, so we couldn't see any labels. I made myself comfortable, got in front of the computer and introduced myself to all the others on zoom, about 12 people and we started drinking. We were tasting two beers at a time, and during tasting, the host, who is a beer connoiseur would let us guess what type of beer we just tasted, whether it's a lagger, a pills an IPA or whatever. Long story short, the event lasted one hour, and by the time we tested the last beer (nr. 7) we were drunk. After this event, we went out for a walk and then to the supermarket and bought some food because we were both super hungry! It was fun, we laughed about stupid shit and went to bed. Now, here's the thing, I ate way too much, at 4:30 when I woke up my stomach was still full, my liver was kinda hurting and my bowels were moving strangely and making noise. What the fuck, I thought... How am I gonna get to yoga today in this shape. So, I picked myself up, put my shoes on and went for a long run. 20 min later, I arrived at the lake Plotzensee, got naked and started swimming. It felt soo good, there were two other dudes on the lake, one swimming the other standing naked on the shore, maybe contemplating or waiting to get dried. The water was soo nice, just the perfect temperature. Not to cold, not to warm, just right. I swam for 30 minutes, easilly, feeling the water, my body, looking at the sky. At one moment there were two large birds circling around me, flying very close to the surface of the water. It felt like I'm far far far away from civilisation. From the city, the people, this age and time. It felt like... I'm on a virgin planet, without humans. The birds started chasing each other and fought in the air then one went in a tree on the left side of the river while the other went in another tree on the right side.

I no longer feel the cold as I used to a few years ago. Nor the pain. I relate differently to my body now. I got out of water, got my shoes and pants on and continued my run. I felt very alive after the swim, my leggs were ready for effort and I kept on running deep into the forest. After about 20 minutes I arrived on a small preerie, or better said, a clearance with fresh grass, surrounded by trees. I sat there for maybe 15 minutes and watched the sunrise. I didn't had my phone with me. It's good to be disconnected. I looked at the bugs in the grass. I looked at the trees, the sky and the birds.

I began running again trying to find my way back. I bumbed into an old german grampa and asked for directions. He pointed me in the opposite direction from where I was headed, so in about 10 more minutes I fond my way to the lake and further on to the road back home. When I crossed the bridge at Beusselstraße I saw the clock on the platform; 7:10 The next train to Prenzlawerberg, where the yoga stududio is, was scheduled in 3 minutes. Initially I was thinking to skip yoga today but something in me made me hop on that train and just doit. I arrived at the studio around 7:30, in shorts and all sweaty, took a cold shower and started my practive. At 9:45 I was done.

Yoga Ashtanga Vinyasa mysore style is a lovely practice. The class was almost empty, my teacher was helpful, she quided me well and supported my practice.

When I was done, laying down in Shavasana I almost fell asleep.

Headed back home after that, my body was light, flowing trough space as it was weightless. I love the after practice sensation.

Once arrived home, my flatmate was there, clearly kinda knocked out after the beer tasting yesterday. I reminded him that we must cleanup the appartment soon and left. 

Now I'm at the office. Work day starts.