Clubhouse and why

If you jump on a call with me and we argue a few points, I'll know how you think. If you win a few points and I win a few - now we're playing tennis. It's not a battle - it's a match. A match of wits.

Clubhouse is about thinking. Conversations in public require you to show up and think and respond and contribute to the conversation. If you dominate with your message - it'll be immediately obvious. If you ask questions and invite people to contribute you'll be rewarded with subliminal leadership points. Talk. Listen. Contribute. Question. Debate. These are all much easier on a live call where tone and vocal quality can help send clues about intentions and message.

If we're not willing to jump on a call or a zoom or a clubhouse - why? We can enrich all of our relationships by knowing more about each other and ourselves. When I know that
likes to argue and is my brother gangster from another mother - then several chords of resonance can be heard far and wide. 
has a lovely, resonant voice you perceive while listening to his Brandonian Doctrine podcast, but is it equally harmonic in a heated debate?

Enough futzing about. Come join the Clubhouse.

Ping me if you need an invite.
I appreciate that, and I guess there's only one way to find out!
2021-02-19 02:51:27
Lmao looks like the iphone I was going to use for Clubhouse is too old! I'm excluded because the Clubhouse Developers are classist!
2021-02-19 14:43:31
 - it's likely just easier to take advantage of some recently available API that's not backwards compatible. 
2021-02-19 15:07:29