a toast to the things that didn't happen

About an hour ago a vehicle from oncoming traffic swerved in front of me — if I had slammed my brakes a moment later, we probably would’ve collided. 

My immediate response was anger towards the other driver — how could they be so negligent? Who taught them how to drive? 

It took me a solid 10 minutes of ruminating and fuming before realizing that I was totally missing the point: we didn’t crash. The alternate and far more tragic version of reality where we collided and, at best, had to be hospitalized, was altogether avoided. 


Anyone fortunate enough to have most days pass without significant drama can be forgiven for forgetting that they’re basically one unexpected crisis away from having their world turned upside down. 

Every day where you get to do meaningful work and be surrounded by the people you love isn’t just thanks to the things that have gone well in your life, but also to any number of crises you’ve avoided — in many cases by sheer luck. 

Every day you live is a day you get to live — the gravity of that statement can’t be overstated. 

Make the most of it. 

Phew. Glad to hear that you hit the brake when you did.

I've come to realize that the feeling of annoyance/boredom are exclusive to those who have forgotten the greatest truth that we all share. That one day we and everybody we know will die.

I only can feel annoyed or ruminate at how unfair something is when i forget this truth.

Don't take your life for granted, could be gone in seconds 
Gucci Mane

2022-08-27 12:35:13
feels a little bit like the hedonic treadmill. 

you get so used to the exhilarating experience of life that it just starts to feel normal. but a near death experience will remind you right quick :P. 

or a psychedelic one. 
2022-08-28 00:59:19