Tom Brady was the 199th NFL draft pick in 2000. 

Human resourcing algorithms are not the bias-free, error-free solutions we had hoped for.

The future of our children, even with the full force of hundreds of AI engineers and mountains of data, is still very much unpredictable

Whether human or machine, the best and most powerful pattern-makers available do not seem up to the task of projecting trajectory. 

When judgments meant to dial down your expectations of the future are handed, remember that they are every bit worth the grain of salt. 

No one really has the future fully figured out. And sometimes remembering that your future is not in the hands of a model provides the empowerment and permission needed to forge a meaningful path forward that in all likelihood no one will have seen coming. 

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This is why systems with as-close-to-reality feedback systems are important. If the NFL were totally a critique bases system (status-game as Naval would say) then Brady would've never even made it to the NFL.

It's only because eventually in the world of Football you have to win games that Brady even got a shot at becoming a GOAT. 

This is one of the reason I believe many young people choose to go into business rather than academia because they feel the former rears closer to status-games without a grounded winning system removed from incumbent opinions and their algorithms vs business which feels closer to a win vs loss game regardless of what the incumbents think.

If you were to look at the rate at which top companies
2021-02-21 15:12:20
recycle. as in how many 'top' companies end up not being there the next decade, that recycling rate compared to top academics would show that it's easier to stay on top of an academic discipline than it is the business world.

and this is even with the fact that many top businesses get fat and lazy once they hit the top and remain there by becoming holders of financial instruments and lobbying instead of inventing.
2021-02-21 15:13:40

"remembering that your future is not in the hands of a model..."
2021-02-21 22:00:54