Index on the present & past rather than the future

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People always ask Gary Vaynerchuk how he continues predicting the future before everyone else.

In my countless hours of Gary content consumption I've never seen him accept this praise. Instead he'll clarify that he never gives advice based on trying to predict the future. That he's just observing what's happening now and comparing it to what he knows about the past.

Sometimes Gary will interrupt the flow of the entire talk/interview/whatever-else-scenario-he's-speaking-within to say let me repeat this one more time because I think this is very important that deserves highlighting but I haven't  seen him double take this point. It's just now while writing this that I realize how important this point is.

Everybody's obsessed with trying to find a pulse on the future when they can't even grasp the present let alone the past. Organizations take data from an applicant's past and present (grades, school, current job, etc) and instead of using it to learn more deeply who this person actually is they feed the data into an extrapolation attempt of what type of role they might play in their organization. 

There's so much you can learn from the past and present that it's meaningless to spend bulk-resources on predicting the future. Predicting the future should be a side project that happens in a boiler room not the main nest. 

People who look like they're predicting the future aren't. They're just ultra strapped in the present and the past, making them look like the future to anybody else not packing heat.

A guy wrote me an email. "Dude, I'm building a billion dollar business.'
I wrote him back an email. "Really? Have you ever made a $100 million business?"
"Have you ever made a $10 million business?"
"Have you ever made $100,000?"
Tai Lopez


* Anytime I mention Gary Vaynerchuk I must bring
into the mix. 

I start to think about why I can't predict the future -- but then realize I don't need to. Thanks for this.
2021-02-21 17:55:14
Just do everything Gary Vee says.
2021-02-21 19:11:03
lmao jk but kind of really in certain contexts based on your discretion.
2021-02-21 19:11:16
"sometimes he will interrupt the flow.." How about ALL the time?? 🤣 I can only take him in small doses. I think he is better 1-1 with people than in front of a crowd. When I saw him live at the Achievement Summit with Tony Robbins, I was overall disappointed with Gary's talk. I don't even remember his main points.
2021-02-21 21:11:27
i really LMAO'd at your remark about gary. Lol but on a serious note you're always bashing the man and always praising Tony Tiger

2021-02-22 13:50:48