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Upcoming Features of Adagia 2020-12-29 18:49:00

I was planning on creating a section for the site where people could suggest/critique/discuss/debate/etc features for this site. But
just released something that I think would work better for that. 

Go check out LifeLog. https://golifelog.com/ 

It's a community and app that's dedicated to helping you write your way to your goals. I plan on using LifeLog to help me write my goals of improving Adagia. You can be part of that discussion there and also write your way to your own goals.

You might be asking what the difference between Adagia and LifeLog is then. The key difference I see right now is that Adagia aims to help you write. The goal is the writing itself. I want the community here to help each other over the long term not only develop a writing habit, but a writing habit that produces finished work that you can be proud of and be challenged by going forward.

LifeLog is a more general purpose tool that you can use to help form any habit to reach any goal. Writing isn't the end goal there but the tool or engine to get you to something else -- a habit. If writing is a goal, then I think that LifeLog can also help you write about writing in a more meta way. 

So then you might ask what's the difference between MakerLog and LifeLog. I actually haven't used MakerLog before so I don't know. But I know that if someone from 200WAD makes something similar to it I'd rather use that ha.

Really excited about what the 200WAD OGs are doing :)

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Agreed Sir Abe. I ended up creating a profile and posting the same post on the 10 topics I want to understand. It is both a goal and a writing exercise. I may end up doing that often. 
Happy to see how quickly the two of you are building such awesome products. 
2020-12-29 21:13:41
Thanks for the share Sir Abe! Now that that Lifelog is out of the door, I feel like I can breathe a bit.

Adding on: Makerlog vs Lifelog are both oriented towards achieving some goal, with makerlog being about makers and products while lifelog is indifferent abt it. 

Diff between Makerlog vs Lifelog is that makerlog is about logging tasks ("I did X") while lifelog is more about logging thoughts ("I'm thinking/planning X")
2020-12-29 21:54:43
Oh I think I know how you were feeling now Jason. Let me know if I'm misinterpreting but I call this the pre-release rush. It's this rush of anxiety and voluntary workaholism that can only be alleviated by reaching some state you can define as 'released' or 'milestoned'.

i have quite the unhealthy relationship with this. Something I need to work on.
2020-12-30 01:18:19