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Black and White 2020-12-31 02:09:08

Some things are black and white, and the switch happens real quick. The person that you got into an argument with can go from being a sentient human with their entire life -- schedules, relationships, goals, dreams, etc -- to being a corpse implicating you as murderer in a matter of a few punches, or one well placed strike of a hammer or even more easily -- one inconveniently lodged bullet.

Hair that is beautiful at best and neutral at worst ontop of your guests' head becomes gross when found o the ground. Blood, all ten pints of it, innocently flowing inside your guest. You sit and talk on a white, canvas couch until suddenly you see a drip. Crimson seeping into the textile. Suddenly the blood is like toxin.

And finally food. The beautiful source of life and fellowship. It looks so delicious on the table, and feels so enjoyable in your mouth. Soon a large dinner all those aesthetic dishes lay awash in stomach acid. Soon that mixture enters the intestines, further pushing yesterday's food further down the large intestine. By this time, it's not longer food nor an acidic slush.

Amazing how things can switch. 

Fuck bein' on some chill shit
We go 0 to 100 n****, real quick

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For some reason, I was reminded of newscasters who often use a phrase when describing crime scenes: "The victim was found in a pool of his own blood." Well, yes of course! Whose blood would it be if it's not the victim's??
2020-12-31 17:50:06
Hmm - That was a very vivid description Sir Abe. I felt myself afraid while reading.(my imagination is worse than a Stephen King movie).
 I hope this is 100% fiction. 
2021-01-01 02:38:31