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No Big Wins 2021-01-01 01:45:20

I believe that big wins don't exist. Every big win we admire is actually yet another small step along a journey of a life that has been driving a road of small wins consistently through time. We simply cast such highly visible victories along such a continuum as big because we put ourselves in their shoes. We see, smell, and taste their victory, while taking they out of the picture. We appear in the victorious day, and replace ourselves in lieu of them, ignoring the life holding the day up.

Let's not disservice ourselves by thinking there are big wins. It might not seem like it, but anytime we see another's victory as a big win, we tell ourselves a little lie. One that we secretly want to believe. That big wins exist -- the kind that changes your life from 0 to 1 in a moment --  and that one day you might be that winner.

Let's not treat life like the lottery. Let's not have time pass aspiring to be somebody in the future whom we aren't becoming. Let's stop hoping that big wins exist, praying that we might stumble upon it. Let's instead see life for what it is. 

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I would tend to agree with you about big wins. This is loosely tied to the myth of overnight success, which I was planning to write about. Sadly, big losses do exist and can cause things to fall down like a house of cards in an instant. 
2021-01-01 13:03:41
Oh yes. Actually I think that the natural composition of things are:

There are no big wins. 

There are small losses.

And there are definitely big losses. 

However one of my favorite books The Black Swan by Taleb argues for the existence of Black Swans (huge unpredictable events) and the book argues that they do exist in the positive-valenced side just as well as negative aka wins along with losses. 

So I'm still open to the idea of big positive-valenced events happening. But I believe that all of these -- for the time being -- are less what we would consider wins and more something of luck
2021-01-01 16:38:54
Interesting post Sir Abe. I am not sure I follow/agree with it completely. Though I agree that there are no overnight success stories like a lottery win, I am all about the butterfly moments that I see as big events. Those moments feel like where big shifts happen for me and part of why I like chasing them.  
2021-01-01 17:38:48
I love butterfly moments! I think ou disagreement is in how we see it. You see it as a win whereas I see it as a gift from the natural phenomena. 

What I mean by this is that I don't think we can will our way into butterfly moments and I guess I view a win as something we can achieve through will. 

I do however think that butterfly moments can be made more conducive by the way we live and the mindsets we foster. In a way then you could argue that that is the ultimate big win. Setting ourselves up for more butterfly moments. 
2021-01-03 18:46:20
Yup - setting ourselves up for butterfly moments. Exactly. It all comes down to the mind. My Feb topic for mastery (placebo effect).
2021-01-03 19:18:58