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Firing on all cylinders 2021-01-11 19:10:18

I think it is safe to say I've hit the ground running in 2021 all without any New Year's Resolutions, mind you. To use a metaphor
 will appreciate, I am firing on all cylinders.

With today's posts, I'll have the following streaks going:
  • Writestreak 46 days
  • Adagia 30 days--Long live #Teamstreak!!
  • Lifelog 16 days

For those keeping track at home, the original streak from 200WAD stands at 769 days.

I've also just published the sixteenth issue of my weekly newsletter Be Wellthy. This issue was inspired by a goal I documented on Lifelog to get a hobby of joy. The cylinders are metaphorically firing for this hobby. I think I agree with Seth Godin when he says there is no such thing as writer's block. Anyone who is having trouble figuring out what to write needs to get out there and do stuff. Get a hobby. Read a book. Listen to a podcast. There are so many ways to get ideas. Of course, it helps to have your writing engine firing on all cylinders.

I did not plan to become so prolific this fast. While I did want to increase my output from one daily post minimum of 200 words, I did not plan to write three unique posts each day on three different sites. This is the opportunity I was given as a result of three makers
who took the initiative to create these tools for our use. I am inspired by the work they are doing. The progress on all three sites has been nothing short of amazing.

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Welcome to #Teamstreak ! 

The inspiration goes both ways. I'll be joining the 700 club -- that I once to looked down on -- in 663 days. 
2021-01-11 19:15:29
You certainly are ‘firing on all cylinders’. What will this expression be when we are all driving electric cars? ‘Whirring on all rotors’ perhaps.
2021-01-11 23:46:01
Congratulations. You have insane consistency and energy. 
And yes - the creators are amazing as well. One day, we will make a movie about all of us from different corners of the world writing and sharing so much with each other. We can call the movie - firing on all cylinders. 
2021-01-12 02:04:29
Oh boy. This post had me signing up over at [GoLifeLog.com](http://golifelog.com)
2021-01-12 04:58:12